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Disclaimer: Our Uranian waves cannot be held responsible for climate change, world-wide flooding, loss of power, loss of energy, magnetic anomolies or other such global catastrophes — humans have already caused these themselves. Furthermore, please carefully read the standard Uranus small print:
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King Canute stopping the waves
Hold it right there!
  1. We deliver instantly. Be prepared!
  2. We have every kind of wave. Just ask!
  3. We do not do Mexican waves. Don’t ask.
  4. Sunday is our day of rest. Do not disturb!

We recommend:

  1. Surf waves – stand at your front door in your swimwear
  2. Energy waves – lie down at your front door, ready to be energized
  3. Hair waves – not available for bald men. Bald women please enquire

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8 arms and hands waving
Wave hello!

Wonderful! I ordered a full Hawaiian, it was delivered to my door instantly and I really enjoyed surfing it. My neighbours didn’t even get wet. I don’t know how they do it! ~ Iris G, Blackburn

Wiggly waves! Aquaboogie baby! You can dance underwater and not get wet! Psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadooloop, psychoalphadiscobetabiohumanyouloop ~ Parliament, 1978

I do not believe it! I swear I do not believe it! ~ John McEnroe

They have hair waves to rival my own! ~ Donald Trump



white blue star explosion shape
In essence we are just like you

waves in a brain
Controlling the waves

*Also read why : how 1 : how 2

Search Engine Optimisation is a must for websites that want to be found in search results. Getting links from high ranking sites with related content is generally acknowledged as most important but if a site is poor in its structural design and its content presentation, then search engines will downgrade it.

Good web design should be made to suit all devices; a site should be easy to read at all sizes; mobile phone users should not have long waits for pages or images to load; it should be accessible to everyone, especially the target audience; beneath the surface, data should be semantically correct so that search engines can make sense of it and present it correctly in the search engine results pages (serps); and content should be interesting enough to keep people reading — yes, search engines have some way of rating this too.

The default Textpattern theme does all these things and I hope the changes I’ve made to create this theme also satisfy those shoulds. Below I’ve added some notes gleaned over the years that I think are generally thought to be good practice for selling yourself or your services. They may also help you think about key words you might include for SEO in headings or strong or emphasised text.

Headline and Subheading

  • (They work best if…)
  • Main headline says what you do and who you do it for (your niche audience)
  • Subheadline says how it benefits the audience in some way and if possible…
  • Something unique, valuable or essential that the audience can relate to
  • (Otherwise, why should they read on?)

Intro section

  • (Headings, images or bullet points are best if they present…)
  • Vital, interesting info first
  • Succinct key points
  • Why your offering is so good
  • What they need to know
  • Essential info and just enough info

Things to consider

  • Who exactly is your audience?
  • Niche audience is very good
  • What exactly are they looking for?
  • Can you offer what they want?
  • What exact search terms might your audience use?
  • Why should they choose your services?
  • What makes you unique?
  • What experience do you have that’s most relevant?
  • What can you show so that a stranger will trust you?

*Also read why : how 1 : how 2

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pulses of energy and light
Wave what and how 2

sine waves of light
You are made of light

*Also read why : bonus : how 1

In the Write panel

  • Title and Body are used for in-depth articles (like the one you are reading)
  • Excerpt is used mainly for bullet points in What intro section
  • Article image 1st ID is used for What intro section image
  • Article image 2nd ID is used for Who and Why in-depth section image
  • Subhead custom field is for subheadings
  • Intro-Title custom field is used for the title in the What intro section
  • Zebra custom field with a y becomes a class for the background colour
  • Zebra custom field with a y also determines bullet types in the Intro section
  • Category 1, Category 2, Subhead2, Subhead3 and Description are only used by Article#2 for section headings. Please read about Article#2 here.


Besides big-intro, what, who, why, intro-what, intro-who, intro-why, footer and default forms described previously, the body_aside and body_header forms should be self-explanatory. Please note that in the search_display, footer and body_header forms I have hidden the Search function because who needs to search a one-page site? However, you can unhide search if you wish (unhide all three if doing so). You will also have to uncomment two sections of the stylesheet too (they are both clearly labelled). Also go to Admin | Plugins and make wet_haystack active.


@font-face declarations are included at the top so you don’t have to rely on any external source. The fonts and the wave.css should be in the CSS folder.

You may well want to change the colour scheme so I’ve grouped all colours together at the very end of the stylesheet. You can quickly see what applies to what and easily search and replace.

*Also read why : bonus : how 1

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