wiggly waves
Wave what and how

sine waves
Sine in, Sine up, Sine wave

*Also read how 2 : bonus : why

Apart from the header, all content is in 9 articles. Briefly: 1 “big intro” article, 1 article just for what, who and why headings, 1 testimonial, 1 notes, 1 footer, and 4 articles with a dual purpose for short intro and long in-depth texts.

The Default Page template

Here you will see the articles listed in order of presentation. You can delete unnecessary ones or add new articles here bearing in mind they use the big-intro, what, who, why, footer and default forms which have slight differences. Note carefully the form each article uses. Ones with no form assigned automatically use the default article form.

I’ve hidden the body_aside form but you could unhide it if you wish. You will find a contact form and some links. You will also need to visit Admin | Plugins and make com_connect active.

The Articles panel

  • Article#1 – Big Intro – is for the Headline title, Headline text, Headline image and short contact details. There are also options for featured text and a promo video.. You enable the feature with the Subhead custom field (insert your message in it), and the video by unhiding the code in Article#1. Change the details accordingly.
  • Article#2 – Special Article – read carefully – used only for Section Headings. Each main section heading has a Title, Subheading and optional paragraph. To get these:
    • What section uses Title, Subhead and Body + intro-what form.
    • Who section uses Category 1, Subhead2 and Excerpt + intro-who form.
    • Why section uses Category 2, Subhead3 and Description + intro-why form.
  • Article#3 – 1st Intro to the What section – uses Intro-Title, Excerpt and Article image 1st ID
  • Article#3 – 1st In-Depth article in the Why section – uses Title, Body, Subhead and Article image 2nd ID
  • Article#4 – 2nd Intro and 2nd In-depth – follows Article#3 in usage
  • Article#5 – 3rd Intro and 3rd In-depth – follows Article#3 in usage
  • Article#6 – Intro to Who section and In-depth Bonus article – follows Article#3 in usage
  • Article#7 – Testimonials – uses Title, Body, Subhead and Article image 2nd ID
  • Article#8 – Important Notes – uses Title, Body, Subhead and Article image 2nd ID
  • Article#9 – Footer – just uses the Body
  • NB. 7 & 8 use the Article image 2nd ID. If you don’t have 2 images, just insert 1 into the field

Don’t forget to use the Sections Meta Description field for SEO

*Also read how 2 : bonus : why

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surf and waves rolling in
Why Wave is what you want

Big waves and surf
Enjoy surfing!

*Also read how 1 : how 2 : bonus

Reasons to be cheerful

  • Brochure site for small business or non-profit
  • Responsive, accessible and friendly to search engines
  • One-page sites are great for seo
  • Wave can be converted to static html (faster)
  • Designed for a strong clear message to…

Keep people reading

  • (from the top)
  • The headline states what you do and who you do it for
  • The subheading backs it up and has the unique selling point
  • The large image must be stunning to draw people to read more
  • Important contact details near top, full details in the footer
  • There’s space for a free offer or other feature
  • Space for a promo video (hidden in this demo)

Attract and engage

  • Headings for clarity, navigation and seo
  • What you do/make and/or what you sell
  • The intro titles, images and bullet points at this point:
    • Give vital reasons to keep reading
    • Invite them to take action
  • Hopefully you’ve kept their interest…

Now win their trust

  • Who are you?
  • Why should someone choose what you offer?
  • Testimonials are important for credibility and trust
  • Important notes might be your stand-out qualifications or experience
  • Important notes – don’t hide anything or you may disappoint them later

Now completely convince your audience

  • Why you, your product, your service is what they want
  • Go into depth here
  • Give as much detail as they may need
  • Answer frequently asked questions

*Also read how 1 : how 2 : bonus

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